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Former Navy Worker Wins Over $12 Million in Mesothelioma Lawsuit

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A former Navy machinist, who developed mesothelioma after years of asbestos exposure, has won over million dollars in damages. Charles H. Cundiff, 66, handled insulating cement while working on the USS Kitty Hawk during his years of military service from 1962 to 1966. Many years later, Cundiff was diagnosed with mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure from the insulating cement.

Cundiff filed a lawsuit against John Crane, Inc., which made Insulag, and Lone Star Industries, which delivered the asbestos-laced insulating cement to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. During the overhaul of the vessel at the shipyard, Cundiff cleaned, repaired and replaced valves, gaskets, pumps and packing’s and used Insulag cement in two engine rooms.

A Los Angeles County jury ruled on Monday that these two companies made a defective product and failed to warn Cundiff of its health hazard. For this they determined that John Crane, Inc. and Lone Star Industries must pay Cundiff million for pain and suffering and 6,000 in economic damages for lost wages because he is now afflicted with mesothelioma. Additionally, his wife was awarded .5 million for loss of consortium.