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Mesothelioma Patients Tumor Reduced by 73 Percent

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A British mesothelioma patient who was given only months to live is celebrating news her tumor has shrunk by 73 percent following experimental treatment in Germany. Debbie Brewer who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2006 is absolutely thrilled with the final results of a nine-month course of specialized chemotherapy.

Debbie was told by doctors that she had between six and nine months to live. So, she traveled to Frankfurt, Germany for treatment after hearing of an experimental process being carried out by Professor Thomas Vogl. The treatment is known as chemoembolization and is more commonly used to fight liver cancer. It introduces chemotherapy drugs directly to the tumor area through a catheter into the lung.

Each session costs Debbie £3,500 and she uses her compensation from a recent settlement to pay for six sessions at the clinic. She will travel to Germany in three months as her progress is being monitored by Prof Vogl, who is trialing the treatment on mesothelioma patients. Prof Vogl says he treats about 500 patients a year using the localized chemotherapy.