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UK to Open Chain Of Cancer Research Centers

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In the United Kingdom, the organization, Cancer Research UK, is in the first stages of opening a chain of cancer centers across the country. Hopes are that the chain of cancer research centers will draw together world class research and different professionals from numerous areas of medical expertise.

The first of the centers is opening in Birmingham. This center plans to set the pace and become the leader for clinical trials in the UK. Cancer research UK plans to pump the equivalent of roughly million (USD) a year into developing the Birmingham center. The key to developing a successful chain of these cancer centers is collaboration in concentrated efforts on large scale population studies, cell biology, and tumor immunology.

Professor Lawrence Young, head of the University of Birminghams College of Medical and Dental Sciences, said: Making a real difference to cancer patients is what we are all about. The new Cancer Research UK Centre in Birmingham will help us to fast track new laboratory discoveries into the clinic.

We are at the forefront of a cancer revolution translating our research into new treatments. We have created a unique blend of doctors, scientists and nurses all working together to ensure that laboratory discoveries are rapidly developed into treatments that will improve the lives and extend the survival of patients in the West Midlands.

Cancer Research UK plans to open more centers across the UK in 2009.