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Young Lady Who Battled Mesothelioma Honored

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In the UK a young lady who has unfortunately passed due to mesothelioma is being honored at a fundraising dinner being held in her memory.

28-year old, Leigh Carlisle was one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with mesothelioma. During Leigh’s tragically abbreviated life she was incredibly selfless in working to raise money and support cancer charities, even while going through chemotherapy.

In December she was posthumously given a Pride in Oldham Award for her courage and determination in her efforts to raise money while fighting mesothelioma.

All proceeds from the fundraising dinner will go to the Oldham Cancer Support Center that Leigh attended. Leigh’s mom said, “The centre helped Leigh a great deal. She had counseling where she could speak through things, her anxieties, and she also had treatments like reiki and reflexology. The reiki helped her quite a lot. She was on oxygen tanks and when she had the treatment she felt that she could breathe more easily for a couple of weeks. We want to keep helping the centre, to try and raise its profile and to put some money back into it because it is such a worthwhile cause.”

The Leigh Carlisle Foundation has been setup to continue her support of cancer charities and raise awareness that mesothelioma can affect more than just the elderly.